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Blueberry Jam Session 8/3

July 30, 2013 by Gaea

blueberry jam



More specifically, delicious, delicious dark purpleyblue, thick, spreadable blueberry jam.

Jam so sweet that it brightens up the best of brunches. Jam that sits perfectly atop biscuits, oatmeal, toast, pancakes, cakes, yogurt, nuts and cheeses. Jam that preserves the taste of summer long after it has passed. Jam that we’re going to learn how to make … ourselves.

Jam was first made in the Middle East & West Indies, where sugar cane grows abundantly. It’s believed that the Crusaders introduced jam to Europe, where it stuck and become a staple of everyday life – perhaps even associative. It was brought to America in the 17th century, and is currently undergoing a revival with new blogs, recipes, and books on modern jamming coming out weekly.

In this class, we will stir up a perfectly sweet batch of jam using some of summer’s most freshly picked fruit offerings: BLUEBERRIES! Students will leave with 2 half-pint jars of their very own homemade blueberry jam and an informational zine with a recipe to replicate. This class is BYOB, as there is a lot of stirring and not too much exact measuring. (It’s been scientifically proven that wine can improve the taste of jam, after all.)

Blueberries will be sourced locally from farmers in Michigan, to support our local economies and small businesses, to boot. Jam with ethics!

Saturday Aug 3, 2013    1:30pm-3:30pm

Eco Collective: 2042 W 21st Street

with Andrea Mattson-McGaffey

$30  sign up here:!/~/product/category=369724&id=21752969

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