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Local & Sustainable

Edible Alchemy supports local growers and food artisans and puts our food dollars where our mouth is.

Why local and sustainable?

Supporting local farmers helps reduce the distance your food travels– using fewer fossil fuels and supporting local economies.  Locally produced foods are fresher and often more nutrient-dense than foods sent on trains, trucks, boats and planes from across the country, continent, or planet.  You are able to help make a difference by supporting local economies and local farmers who don’t use GMO seeds, harsh chemicals, & harmful practices.

Organic & sustainable methods of growing don’t use harmful chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers. These, when applied to crops, leach into our water supply, air, and soil, leading to intensive remediation processes which take years.  These chemicals kill wildlife, cause algae blooms, cause cancer & disease in animals & humans, and release toxins into the environment.  Organic & Sustainable growing respects and works with the land & ecosystem to grow delicious food and support a healthy planet at the same time.  Learn about Organic Food here with this article from Helen Boden.

Organic & sustainable methods of growing build soil health by adding amendments (such as compost, manures, kelps, mulches, and minerals) which supports the area’s bio-diversity and ecosytems. These plants take up the micronutrients and living elements of the soil into their forms, which we then cultivate and take into our own. Being what you eat, these foods represent the farmer’s care for their land and soil – each purchase is a bit of a health care plan.

We make sure we know each of our farmers and suppliers to make sure their growing practices are up to snuff- “sustainable” is a serious word in our world, not something to be used for green-washing.

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