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How to Tell When Rice is Done

To cook rice properly, you must know how to tell when it is done. This article explains how to check whether your rice is cooked and what to do if it is overcooked. The main reasons that rice can become overcooked are letting the steam escape from the pot, not adding enough liquid, or using too ...

Which Plantains Are Sweet?

Plantains are not sweet like apples or bananas. They are starchy and taste more like potatoes. Some varieties, however, have a hint of sweetness. Plantains are eaten in many ways around the world and are most often used as a starchy vegetable. The green plantain is the most popular variety in ...

Black Soy Beans Vs Black Beans

With the ever growing interest in healthy eating, more people are looking for ways to add more soybeans into their diet. Unfortunately, this often leads to confusion since there are two main types of beans: black beans vs black soybeans. So what is the difference between the two? Let's take a ...

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